Romantic Couples Sex

My girlfriends and I’s sex life hit the skids a while back and we had no idea what to do. After seeking some sex advice and possibly seeing a therapist her friend suggested watching porn videos together. No not what you’re thinking. Not hardcore, face fucking, degrading shit or covering girls in cum. They suggested erotic, sensual and romantic porn videos. Real couples having sex in real situations. We both were a little skeptical but at this point will to try anything. We sampled some Babes porn videos and wow, the quality was so amazing and the videos perfect for a couple to watch together. Men getting home from work, couples working out together and other scenes that really turned us both on. My girl just loved watching another give blowjobs while I lick her pussy. It was so hot. We both never though we would watch porn together. Now we do almost nightly! We also watch porn stars live in streaming sex shows on our massive 60 inch hdtv. The live porn shows allow us to chat with other couples and really turn it up. Recently she’s been talking about a threesome :) I’ll let ya know what happens!

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