The worst thing you can do with sexy older women

As more and more women discover the joys of having sex with younger men, this has opened a can of worms. All sorts of questions have come to the forefront regarding this phenomenon. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that this is a problem. A lot of people think that there is something fundamentally wrong with sexy older women. These people are idiots. Why? For the longest time, they have perfectly accepted, even encouraged, older men dating younger women. They think that is perfectly natural.

On the flip side, they think there is something fundamentally unnatural and wrong with older women lusting after younger cock. The truth is what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If it’s perfectly acceptable for guys to engage in this practice then what’s wrong with women doing the same thing. It’s all about equality. Unfortunately, a lot of guys cling to those worn out ideas and they end up screwing up their dates with cougars. They screw up their experience with sexy older women. You only need to engage in the following practices to totally and completely drop the ball.

Treat them like your mom

These women are not your mom, okay? Let’s just get that out of the way. They’re not looking to be treated like your mom. They’re looking for action. They are looking for a guy that will give them the good time that they are looking for. Are you up for that kind of thing? That’s the bottom line. They’re not looking for you to treat them the same way you treat your mom. There’s none of that bullshit involved in cougar fucking.

Assume they are desperate

Don’t think for a moment that just because you’re younger and that these women are older that somehow this makes them desperate. No. In fact, these women can get any older man that they want, but they’re just looking for the stamina, rigidity and power of a younger guy. Get that through your head and you are sure to have a good time on

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